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A Farmer’s Voice: USGC Recognizes Pam Johnson For 15 Years Of Service

The Council recognized Pam Johnson for 15 years of service during the organization’s 16th International Marketing Conference and 59th Annual Membership Meeting earlier this year

Pam Johnson travels the world, sharing the perspective of farmers like herself with the World Trade Organization (WTO), the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations and countless delegations of ministry officials and overseas buyers for the corn she grows in Iowa. No matter the audience or the location, she emphasizes how much relationships matter – and how important it is for farmers to be engaged in building long-lasting markets.

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Comments by MAIZALL President Cesario Ramalho and Brazilian Agriculture Minister Tereza Cristina

The International Corn Alliance, Maizall, held the first meeting of the year in Brasilia. The group is formed by Brazil, the United States and Argentina. Together, these countries account for 50% of the world’s maize production, but are mainly resisted by the European Union, which contests transgenic products. To overcome the problem, the group works towards the adoption of equivalent governmental policies in the regulation of transgenics between producing and consuming countries.

Another point is the reduction of government interference in the market. Minister Tereza Cristina says that the guidelines of the group are aligned with the ministry of agriculture.

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Farmer-Leaders From U.S., Brazil And Argentina Engage Brazilian Government

The MAIZALL board of directors recently met in Brasilia to discuss advocacy activities.

Corn farmers from the United States, Brazil and Argentina may be competitors, but they work together through MAIZALL, the international maize alliance, to collectively address regulatory market access issues in importing countries.

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MAIZALL defends biotechnology in the joint FAO, WHO and WTO forum

The president of the International Maize Alliance (Maizall), Brazilian Cesario Ramalho da Silva, will participate in Forum on Food Safety, an event that will be organized by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), the World Health Organization (WHO) and the World Trade Organization (WTO), on 23 and 24 April in Geneva.

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Aliança internacional do milho se reúne em Brasília

Foi realizada, em Brasília, a Reunião da Aliança Internacional do Milho, formada por entidades do Brasil, Argentina e Estados Unidos, os maiores produtores e exportadores dos grãos no mundo. Juntos os produtores dos 3 países respondem por 70% das exportações. Entre os objetivos do encontro, estão a defesa da biotecnologia e do livre comércio. Acontece, em Brasília, a Reunião da Aliança Internacional formada pelos maiores produtores e exportadores de milho do mundo. Juntos os produtores do Brasil, Argentina e Estados Unidos respondem por 70% das exportações do grão. Confira.